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There are still relatively few Passivhaus books published in English. I have selected the most relevant ones I know of below. Some are very much inspirational, such as Passive Houses: Energy Efficient Homes, some are highly technical such as Passive House Design – Planning and design of energy-efficient buildings, while others such as An Introduction to Passive House combine both inspiration and technical information. If you wish to purchase any of these Passivhaus books I highly recommend supporting your local independent bookshop where possible. However, if you do choose to purchase from Amazon using any of the links on this site, Amazon will pay me a small commission (at no cost to you) which will support this site.

Passivhaus Book Reviews

I have published reviews on my blog of the following Passivhaus books:

I am in the process of reviewing some of the other passivhaus books below. Future passivhaus book reviews will also be published as blog posts.

Passivhaus books currently being reviewed

A first for me, a product: FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS Devices

And books:

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