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First time visiting? This is where I write a Passivhaus Blog post twice a month. Occasionally I write about a related topic. I write in plain English so anyone can understand without specialist technical knowledge or training. Why not check out what this site is all About where you can read more about me, the story behind the blog and my manifesto.If you’re looking for my business, I am the director of VIA architecture.

If you’re looking for my business, I am the director of VIA architecture. Passive House Architectural services are available in NZ, Passivhaus (Passive House) Design and Consultancy services are available in NZ and globally.

Or perhaps you’d rather just get stuck right into the PASSIVHAUS BLOG. If you’re new to passivhaus, start with the Passivhaus Basics series of blog posts in the drop-down menu above.

NEW: If you are working on a house design for yourself or for a client and wondering about pursuing the international Passivhaus Standard, check out my fixed price Passivhaus feasibility service: PHeasibility.

COMING SOON: Purchase your own copy of PHPP and DesignPH from our Passivhaus Shop.

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