Are you working on a house design for yourself or for a client?

Have you wondered if your design could meet the international Passivhaus Standard?

PHeasibility is for you.

This is a fixed price Passivhaus feasibility study for early stage sketch designs. For a Passivhaus project, there is nothing worse than developing a design to an advanced stage before carrying out a Passivhaus check. And then trying to shoe-horn Passivhaus into the project. It’s an ugly and expensive process in my experience.

If you are certain that your project will be certified to the international Passivhaus Standard, you should employ a certified Passivhaus Designer or Consultant from the beginning. They can advise you on how to achieve the best outcome within the project constraints – aesthetic, financial, materials etc.

However, if you have already started your design and you’re not absolutely certain about it meeting the international Passivhaus Standard, PHeasibility is for you.

PHeasibility fixed price Passivhaus feasibility

Here’s how PHeasibility works.

    1. You send me your dimensioned sketch design drawings and outline specification along with some other important details such as the project location. (Exact requirements will be advised when you book a PHeasibility.) Single family residential detached projects up to 300sqm gross external area only.
    2. I carry out an expert review of your current design and build a sketch model of the design in the Passivhaus Planning Package to assess it.
    3. I provide you with a report of the Passivhaus feasibility of your project within 14 days (2 calendar weeks). The report will be in metric units, even if your project is in IP units.
    4. You will then know the predicted performance of the current design and how likely it is to achieve the international Passivhaus Standard. You will also know what you will need to do if you wish to pursue Passivhaus – such as the required specification for the floor, walls, roof, and glazing, specific your project.

There’s no obligation beyond the report, you can choose whether or not you wish to pursue Passivhaus certification for your project. (And please note, we may advise that your current design is not suitable to achieve Passivhaus!)

If you do wish to pursue Passivhaus certification, you can contact me to discuss further Passivhaus Design services, or you can approach another Passivhaus Designer or Consultant. You’ll be educated about the Passivhaus potential of your project and armed with a useful report either way.

The PHeasibility Report

The report will be around 5 pages long and will include the following:

  • If the current design is likely to be able to meet the requirements of the international Passivhaus Standard
  • Predicted performance of the current design
  • Advice on the current form, shape and orientation
  • The required glazing performance
  • The required wall, roof and floor performance
  • Screenshots / graphs / data extracted from the PHPP model


  • New build single detached residential project (For refurbishments and extensions, please contact me to discuss if it’s possible to do a PHeasibility)
  • Floor area up to 300sqm gross external area total (For larger projects please contact me to discuss the cost)
  • The PHPP file is not issued with the report (Although see upgrade options below)
  • All calculations and reports will be in English and use Metric units (Your drawings can be in IP units, though)
  • Primary Energy or Primary Energy Renewable will not be calculated


  • Sketch design drawings to scale with orientation and key dimensions in PDF format or a 3d digital model (for example, a SketchUp file) subject to our agreement
  • Outline specification describing the intended construction of key elements. For example; timber frame, SIPS, ICF, preferred insulation material, window frame type, etc..
  • Accurate location / address

PHeasibility Cost

International customers, please see the note on tax below.


The full PHeasibility service described above.

Flat fee: NZD $1,275 +GST.
Pay a deposit of only NZD $175 +GST now to book, pay the balance when you get your PHeasibility report.

PHeasibility Plus

Want to upgrade your PHeasibility? Book a PHeasibility Plus and, in addition to the report, get 45 minutes with Elrond on the telephone or skype. He will run through the contents of the PHeasibility for your project and answer any questions you might have.

Flat fee: NZD $1,425 +GST.
Pay a deposit of only NZD $195 +GST now to book, pay the balance when you get your PHeasibility report and schedule your call.

PHeasibility Premium

Want to go even further with your PHeasibility? Book a PHeasibility Premium and get the report, the 45 minutes call with Elrond and a copy of the PHPP file. You could use the PHPP file to test design options on your project. You could even use it to work with a Passive House Designer to take your project all the way to meeting the international Passive House Standard.

Flat fee: NZD $1,925 + GST.
Pay a deposit of only NZD $215 +GST now to book, pay the balance when you get your PHeasibility report, PHPP file and schedule your call.

Ready to book your PHeasibility?

Click the Pay Now button for your choice of PHeasibility. Once your deposit has been received, I’ll be in touch.

PHeasibility PHeasibility Plus PHeasibility Premium
Report Report + Call Report + Call + PHPP
Book now with a deposit of NZD $175 +GST Book now with a deposit of NZD $195 +GST Book now with a deposit of NZD $215 +GST

If you have a question, please contact me.

1. PHeasibilty is available globally. If you are paying from outside New Zealand, GST (Goods & Services Tax) is not charged. Although your deposit will include it, the final balance will be adjusted to account for this.
2. PHeasibility is a service offered by VIA architecture Limited trading as Passivhaus in Plain English & More

Refunds policy

If you wish to cancel a PHeasibility within 7 days (1 calendar week) of paying your deposit, please email me and you will receive a full refund, no quibbles.
If you wish to cancel a PHeasibility after 7 days (1 calendar week) of paying your deposit, no refund of the deposit will be available as work will have commenced. On receiving your cancellation email, work will cease. No report will be provided and no further charges will be invoiced.