Click on an image to go to the download page for each free Passivhaus resource. Other links will take you to the relevant organisation’s main website.

Free brochures, tip sheet and guides from the International Passive House Association (iPHA), the Passive House Institute (PHI) and EuroPHit:

2014 Passivhaus Architecture Awards FlipbookPassReg - Defining the Nearly Zero Energy BuildingPassive House Building Certification GuideEuroPHit_brochureHandbook: Step by step retrofit with Passivhaus components









Free e-learning course from the PHI: Passive House for Decision makers.
PHI e-learning: Passive House for Decisions makers





Free guides from the UK Passivhaus Trust:

Why choose Passivhaus 2013 PH Intro Guide update 2013 How to build a Passivhaus Passivhaus goes Personal




Free guides from the BRE:

BRE_Passivhaus_Intro BRE_Passivhaus_Designers_Guide BRE_Passivhaus_Contractors_Guide BRE_Passivhaus-Airtightness-Guide




Free eBooks from New York Passive House:

NAPHN_NZEB_2015 NYPH_2015-Ebook-v5 NYPH_A-Developer’s-Guide-to-Certified-Multi-Family-Passive-House-Buildings NY BE-Exchange Passive_House_Briefing-3




Free eBooks from other parts of North America:

Passive House Northwest 2016 Ebook Passive House Buildings California's EnergyFuture EbookPassive House AcceleratesPassive House Canada: Developer's Guide to Passive House Buildings





Feasibility Study to Implement the Passivhaus Standard on Tall Residential Buildings:

FXFowle: Feasibility Study to Implement the Passivhaus Standard on Tall Residential Buildings





Free Passivhaus chapter of “Hyperlocalization of Architecture: Contemporary Sustainable Archetypes” by Andrew Michler (Read my review here):

Hyperlocalization of Architecture: Contemporary Sustainable Archetypes